Free Phone Consultation

The low vision evaluation first starts with a call to Dr. Bissell, an IALVS doctor in your area at 888-552-2020. Dr. Bissell will conduct a FREE telephone consultation to determine if you are a candidate for IALVS Low Vision Care. If you are a candidate, the doctor in your area will schedule you for a Low Vision Evaluation.

Low Vision Evaluation

Basically what we do is this:

  • Evaluate the amount of vision the patient has.
  • Determine the amount of vision needed to perform the patient’s desired task.
  • Recommend the best magnification device that allows the patient to perform their task.

We find out the amount of vision the patient has by performing a low vision evaluation. It is not anything like a regular eye exam:

  • Special charts and techniques are utilized to “draw out” any residual vision that may be “hiding” in the periphery.
  • Regular eyeglass prescription is rechecked and evaluated to determine if it can be improved.
  • Magnification is evaluated to determine how it can affect the level of vision

The amount of vision needed to perform the desired task is determined with very specific questions and demonstrations.

  • We ask the patient to bring samples of print they want to see (racing charts, stock market pages, automobile repair manuals…).
  • Patients bring samples of activities they do (needlework, spark plugs, bridge cards…).

The best magnification device that allows the person to do the task is evaluated by utilizing many unique demonstrators in the office.

The patient actively uses various magnification devices to perform the actual task in the office and together we help the patient choose the best device for them.

Low vision device are ordered only after a patient has proven in our office first that the device will assist them in performing their particular task.

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